Our Inception


“It seems like a lifetime ago,” said Richard C. Meehan, Jr., the band ‘s first president, “when a small group of misplaced band musicians sat down for the founder’s meeting of what became the Spartanburg Community Band. The place was Papa Sam’s Breakfast Nook on East Saint John’s Street. That was in the summer of 1995. We all wanted a venue in which amateurs to professionals, young to seasoned, could be comfortable playing on a regular basis, something that would offer quality music to keep us challenged, and concerts for the general public. We were told by many that it was impossible, that it had been tried back in the 1950’s and failed, that Spartanburg would not support a community band. We ignored the doomsayers, made it happen through hard work. The case in point became the overwhelming first rehearsal on January 2, 1996. More than forty hungry musicians simply appeared out of thin air after reading an announcement in the Spartanburg Herald Journal that we were to have a new band.”

“We called ourselves the Ad Hoc Committee after that. Everyone we could think of was subjected to personal phone calls, mailings, and arm twistings to come join the SCB. Our first newsletter, The Definitive Ear, went to conductors, music teachers, politicians, friends, family, relatives, and some not so relative (or is it relevant?).” Since January of 1996, the SCB has continued to serve as Spartanburg’s only open symphonic band group, exactly what the founder’s dreamed.”

Those present at the first meeting were Jenni H. Thompson, Donna “D.J.” Prichard, Richard C. Meehan, Jr., Coleen Felty, David DeLucca, Kevin Hazen, Glen Plumley, and Marilyn Kimple. Others that joined the ad hoc committee by December of 1995 included Michael Miller, Charles Wethington, Melanie Glenn, Betty Fletcher, and Kyle Thompson. Read more…


First Concert

Adobe PDF2007 – First news release concerning the opening SCB concert.